Restoration Race Works Announces Sponsorship of Female Rally Driver

Restoration Race Works (RRW) is excited to announce the sponsorship of female rally driver, Amanda “RalyGrl” Skelly of the Noble Star Rally Team. Skelly competes in stage rally events throughout the USA with various sanctioning bodies including NASA Rally Sport, American Rally Association and Rally America. She is scheduled to compete in six events this season, making appearances in South Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maine and New Hampshire. Skelly, has been competing in stage rally since 2012, as well as SCCA rallycross since 2007.

Restoration Race Works specializes in performance automotive builds and restoration. They are known primarily for their involvement in endurance racing series like American Endurance Racing (AER) and NASA sanctioned events such as the Spec E30 series. With a combined experience of 20 years, owners Rosco Scott and John Hines bring to the table a wealth of knowledge in preparing cars for the track. RRW not only builds spec cages and custom fabrication they also restore older cars and build restomods.

RRW recently took on the project of rebuilding the cage in Skelly’s newest rally car. Due to safety concerns and improper fitment of the cage, Skelly and her team decided it was in her best interest to have the cage rebuilt. RRW agreed to work with Skelly and make their debut in the rally community with the new build.

“Restoration Race Works is proud to announce our sponsorship of female rally driver Amanda Skelly and her co-driver Elizabeth Cordara for the next 3 years [2018-2020]. We will be appearing on team uniforms, promotional materials, and vehicle livery in upcoming seasons. We are thrilled to enter a new market in our industry with an exciting team of dedicated racers and other co-supporting sponsors,” states owner Rosco Scott.

The rebuild process began in mid December 2017 and was recently wrapped up this month. RRW spent hours cutting out the old cage, repairing the chassis and rebuilding an FIA approved rally cage.

“The guys at RRW have been extremely understanding of my circumstances and needs for the new build. I am extremely impressed with the level of professionalism, skill and turnaround time. They have included me in every step of the way and really worked with me to ensure I received a build that I was happy with and that most importantly, would keep my co-driver and I safe. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a cage for their car!” says Skelly.

The car is scheduled to officially debut at the 2018 Sandblast Rally in Cheraw, SC on 05 March. You can follow along with the rebuild process on RRW’s facebook page here.

For more about Amanda:

Instagram: @RalyGrl


Twitter: @RalyGrl853


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