A Bitter Sweet End to the New England Forest Rally

Credit: Amanda Skelly

Last weekend's New England Forest Rally (NEFR) was a bitter sweet experience for the Noble Star Rally (NSR) team as both cars ended the event early due to mechanical failures. NEFR's only all-female rally team of Amanda Skelly and Elizabeth Cordara unofficially debuted their new Subaru on day 2 of the event, making only 2 of the stages before experiencing catastrophic engine failure.

"It was a bit disappointing to end the rally so soon after the endless hours of work everyone has put into finishing the car for the event, and the sleepless nights that everyone has experienced" says Skelly. "But having that opportunity to get the car on stage and knowing that we were there because of what a wonderful crew we have was an experience in and of itself", she adds.

NSR's Matt Peterson and Lori Clute completed day 1 of the event with only a punctured tire, while day 2 ended early for the duo due to a spindle failure, which also caused for a DNF at last month's Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally in PA.

Credit: Matt Peterson

"After some MacGyver style engineering using a log, mud flap and ratchet strap, I had made a log skid to slide the car on, and while we waited to be retrieved by our crew, I paced off the more than 136 yards of skid mark from the point where the wheel went all wonky (and where I found one of the bearings from the cv axle to verify) to where I was able to pilot Abe off course" explains Peterson. "Disappointing that neither of us finished this year! But we are thankful to be in good health and good spirits. And with a rally that claimed so many automotive victims this year and unfortunately with injuries (thankfully not too severe) to the occupants, we consider ourselves pretty lucky", he adds.

The after math of the rally has left Peterson to make the appropriate repairs to his Honda Civic to be ready for the Ojibwe Forests Rally in just 4 weeks, which he is hoping to claim a finish at. The girls on the other hand, will be taking a few months off as co-driver Cordara travels to the U.K. for a few months and Skelly decides which direction to take the new rally car.

Credit: Matthew Stryker Photography

"For those moments that we were on stage the car felt amazing, and we are really excited to see what we can do next season together. All in all, we accomplished what we came to do, and that was to get the car on stage, even if it was brief", says Skelly.

The team hopes for a strong re-debut in the 2018 season and you can follow along in their progress with many upcoming projects on their website and thru social media.

Website: www.NobleStarRallyTeam.com

Facebook: Noble Star Rally RalyGrl Matt Peterson Rally Racer

Instagram: @NobleStarRally @RalyGrl @NoGamesRacing

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