Noble Star Rally Prepares to Return to Stage

The Noble Star Rally (NSR) team has been working hard over the last few months to get prepared for the 2016 season. After facing many obstacles, the team is finally on their way to getting back on stage.

NSR owner/driver Amanda Skelly will be joined by co-driver Elizabeth Cordara from RallyCats Moterspurtz during the 2016 Sandblast Rally in Cheraw, SC on March 5th. The girls originally planned for a shakedown in Skelly’s new Subaru, however due to unforeseen circumstances and time constraints, the girls will be piloting a different Subaru for the weekend. The female team as the opportunity to compete in the Broken Motorsports Rally rental. The two worked together during the 2014 Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally and we are excited to get back into the car again.

‘I really enjoy working with Amanda. She is a lot of fun and I can't wait to get back out on stage with her" says Cordara.

NSR driver Matt Peterson is also scheduled to attend the event with teammate Ian Kessler back in the co-driver seat. Peterson has been rebuilding his Honda Civic after it took a heavy roll during the 2015 Lake Superior Performance Rally last October. While battling for a podium finish in the G2 class, Peterson took a few good hits on the final stage during the event. After hitting a gravel pile, the car bounced onto it’s side and then back to it’s wheels, allowing Peterson to continue. But during one of the final turns of the stage, the broken control arm from the prior side roll caused the back wheel to fold underneath the car, resulting in 2 complete diagonal barrel rolls, destroying every piece of glass but one. Luckily, the car landed on it’s wheels, still running, allowing Peterson to make it across the stage finish on his own power. Kessler and Skelly came through shortly behind and were able to tow their teammate to the finish of the rally.

Peterson is crunching to get the Civic back in driveable condition for the upcoming event for a shakedown prior to competing in the rest of the season. The cars are scheduled to officially debuted and re-debuted later this season.

Stay tuned to the team's Facebook page for updates on the progress of their cars and status of the upcoming event.

Instagram: @RalyGrl @NobleStarRally

2016 Sponsored By: Whiteline, NASIOC, Team Illuminata Motorsports (TIM), BRAID Wheels USA

2016 Supported By: Turtle Gloves,, Impression Center, Broken Motorsports

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