Noble Star Rally driver and team owner, Amanda "RalyGrl" Skelly, recently announced the retirement of her long time running 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, which many fans knew as "Sassy". The rally car had a following of its own and many followers were sad to hear of the news.

"Sassy was my first Subaru. And as silly as it sounds considering it is just a car,” explained Skelly. “That car was around for a long time and grew a personality of her own. It was my daily driver for five years before I began to build her for stage rally. It is the reason I know as many great people as I do. It gave me my start in the rally world and helped me start living my dream, despite living up to her name over the years.”

Skelly purchased the car in 2006 after being introduced to rally through local rallycross events and attending her first stage rally as a spectator at Sno*Drift. Shortly after she began competing in SCCA rallycross and TSD events. In 2011, after the rally community lost former competitor Matthew Noble Marker, Amanda took a trip to the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally and competed in the CNY Rallycross event held on the super special stage where she met teammate Matt Peterson.

"That event really was a defining moment for me,” states Skelly, "it was where I decided wholeheartedly to chase my dream, and somehow help carry the torch for Marker. And that was the car I had to do it in." Skelly then set a goal to debut the car at her and Marker's home rally at the 2012 Sno*Drift Rally.

Since then, Sassy has traveled to both sides of the country to compete in events in Washington and Maine. After competing in 15 stage rallies, over 30 rallycrosses and 10 TSDs, replacing six engines and landing on her first podium, the car finished its final event at the 2015 Sandblast Rally earlier this March.

"We knew the car was getting rusty and it was only a matter of time before the car had to be retired. Talk of plans for a new build were underway last summer, and I regret not following my gut then as we've been out for a chunk of this season, but it is all working out," adds Skelly.

Currently, Amanda's new car is tentatively scheduled to debut at the 2015 Lake Superior Pro Rally in October. She will continue competing in a Subaru, which is undergoing cage and body work at ProComp Customs in PA, by Matt Peterson.

"With the way things have worked out at this time, we are able to build a car that will be able to grow with me and my driving abilities. And the beauty of it is that Sassy will live on in her own way in the new car!" concludes Skelly.

The Noble Star Rally team would like to thank all of the individuals and businesses who have dedicated time, energy and resources into the car and team over the years. Amanda and the team values the support they have received and are excited for the next direction. Stay tuned for an upcoming release of the build and Amanda's plans for next season.

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Photo: Ian Kessler

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