Noble Star Rally Adds Veteran Co-Driver Feistel for New England Forest Rally

Noble Star Rally driver Amanda Skelly will be joined by co-driver Amy Feistel at the 2014 New England Forest Rally (NEFR) next weekend in Newry, Maine, currently making up the only all-female team on July 18-19. NEFR is comprised of challenging logging roads, which make up some of the longest stages of the 2014 Rally America Championship. Amanda and Amy will compete amongst a 49 car lineup in their 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS in the Open Light class.

In 2001, Feistel was first exposed to rally while crewing at the Rapidan Rally. Shortly after she jumped into the navigator’s seat in a series of TSD rallies, honing her precision navigation skills. After completing several brisk TSDs, including night and sand events, she competed at her first full-speed, gravel rally; Maine Forest Rally, in 2003. This successful venture lead to a series of events in which Amy competed, navigating for international drivers.

Returning to New England Forest Rally in Maine more than ten years after her debut, Feistel is excited to pair up with Amanda Skelly.

“I really like the way Amanda is managing her team,” said Feistel, “She has a lot of heart and a can-do

attitude. She is building speed in the car and momentum in her rally career. I’m glad to be a part of the it.”

After a challenging run at the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally in Wellsboro, PA at the end of May, Skelly is ready to return to the stages. Skelly and co-driver Elizabeth Cordara found themselves pushing their Subaru into the time control after being towed in by fellow competitor Brian McNamara and Amber Stacy of Flying Frog Rallying after the engine blew.

Though the girls will not be paired up again for NEFR, they will both be competing in separate cars and teaming up during the event for service. You can find Cordara joining her fiance Kevin Allen in car #330.

“Liz and I had a great run at STPR despite all of the challenges we faced. Between losing our exhaust multiple times, running the super special in limp mode, having fuel leaks and then eventually having a major mechanical failure and being towed in from SS14 we were just happy to finish! I am excited to see her again at the rally and even though I will miss her sitting beside me in the silly seat, I am really looking forward to working with Amy next weekend and continuing to expand my experience in rally,” added an excited Skelly.

The car recently had an engine replacement done by Brandon West of All Wheels Driven in Pennsylvania and will be tested and broken in during the journey to Maine as Amanda will embark on a 600+ mile road trip with her crew and the car.

"Since we don't have a tow rig again this rally I'm really hoping to leave with minimal damages . After an intense weekend of driving coming up, we still have to drive over 900+ miles just to drive back home; and that in the rally car too. Don't get me wrong though, we are still going to have a blast and push it as we can!" exclaimed Skelly.

Joining the girls are teammates Matthew Peterson and Ian Kessler of Noble Star Rally, car #253. Skelly recently co drove for Peterson at the Magnum Opus Rally where they took 3rd in 2WD Light. This was the first full rally Peterson finished since his debut.

"Finishing is half the battle. After Ian and I rolled the car on its side at STPR which caused us to DNF the second part of the rally, our main goal this weekend is to finish both regionals for Rally America and have fun!" says a hopeful Peterson.

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NSR would like to thank their fans and 2014 Sponsors:, C3MB Rally Rentals, All Wheels Driven (PA), Prismatic Powders,, Ainove, Straight to the Point Directional Drilling (PA).

Photo 1: Jason Rymell

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