Noble Star Rally Keeps Spirits Up Despite 2nd DNF

Noble Star Rally (NSR) ended the day early after mechanical failures during transit to SS3 of the Magnum Opus Rally on April 21, 2012. The night before leaving for the rally, just before 1:00AM, crew chief, Dan Fryatt and member Ben Vallerand discovered small bits of metal in the oil pan. The engine had spun a bearing and was on its way out, leaving the team with only a few options.

“We weren’t about to stay home” says driver Amanda Skelly. The team treated the knock with thick oil in hopes to get a little more life out of the motor before it was done. They packed up the car and trailer and left for the event the following morning.

“We felt that it was imperative that we make it up to Magnum Opus and show the world that we will not give up and that we're not going to let something like a temperamental little engine break our spirits!” explains Manager Kayla Fryatt.

After running the first Super Special stage, the ticking began to progressively get worse. The team agreed to keep pushing and Magnum Opus’s only female driver gave it her best on the second stage. But on their way to SS3, the motor began knocking and eventually gave way as it covered the sweep vehicles in blue and white smoke.

“The hardest part of this rally was that I knew that both my car and I were running 60-70% of our abilities” says Amanda.

This was not the first time the team had issues with their motor as the team replaced the head gaskets and had the heads machined just two days prior to technical inspection at Sno*Drift.

“NSR gave it a good show of sportsmanship, but had their motor blow up. I like it the way Amanda tells it” says Michelle Marker from SubaRoots Rally Racing.

Keeping their spirits high the team remained positive about the entire experience. Crew member Ben concludes, “I’m glad we went, I couldn’t really think of a better way for that motor to go then doing what it was meant to do”.

Over the next two months the team will be in search of a replacement engine in hopes to get back on the stages at STPR the first weekend in June.

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Noble Star Rally would like to thank all the fans that create continuous support and reason to keep racing and all the sponsors that help the cause: SubaRoots Rally Racing, 31 Motorsports,, Ainove Inc., Ken’s Body Shop,, TIM (Team Illuminata Motorsports), TRF (Thompson Racing Fabrication),, Impression Center, and

Photo: Scott Banes

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