Noble Star Rally Team Enters Magnum Opus With New Co-Driver

After a grueling and exciting Sno*Drift, Noble Star Rally (NSR) is ready to brave Magnus Opus Rally, the second event of their 2012 season. Driver Amanda Skelly will be accompanied by her new co-driver, Derrick Bachi, both originally from MI. Before joining Amanda in the co-driver’s seat Derrick was focused on continuing the promotion of Subaroots, the organization started by Matthew Marker aimed at helping

people achieve their stage rally dreams.

“Being part of Matt’s [Marker] team originally and watching him build his team from the ground up, to what he had and everything else everyone went through was an experience I will never forget. And now, getting the chance to sit in the co-driver’s seat is something that I have always wanted to do.” says new Co-Driver Derrick Bachi.

“It is really special to be able to look back and remember sitting by the fire with Matt’s parents and having Derrick at my side for the moment I was told we could call ourselves Noble Star Rally in honor of their son. At that moment I had no idea it would later be Derrick sitting next to me in the very same car that started my dream and lead me to meeting Matt in the first place” says NSR driver, Amanda Skelly.

Driving in a ‘98 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, Amanda and Derrick are competing in the Open Light class for the Rally America Regional Championship to continue the Noble Star Rally Team mantra. Before their Sno*Drift debut, the team completely restored Amanda’s Subaru and gave it a second life in rally in just 3 ½ months. “We banded together and built an awesome car out of a pile of poo!” exclaims crew member Ben Vallerand. It was a collective effort filled with blood, sweat and tears made all the more sweeter seeing Amanda Skelly racing on Sno*Drift’s ice-covered roads.

Since Sno*Drift, NSR has been working hard to reorganize some bits and pieces of the car. Having nearly 2 months to prepare for their second rally, the team feels more confident. “With zero test time before Sno*Drift, it quickly became clear that some components needed to be re-vamped to make the car more ergonomic and efficient for the next race” says crew member Matt Peterson.

The team is excited to attend Magnum Opus on April 21st in Newberry, MI. NSR will use Magnum Opus

as test event improving the car and team chemistry while gunning for an overall win. “Amanda will be able to more confidently train Derrick as her new co-driver and the crew will be able to focus on the car itself and perfecting some smaller things within our service station. It’s time for the fun stuff!” adds crew chief Daniel Fryatt.

Other members from SubaRoots Rally Racing, including Matthew’s mom, Michelle Marker, support Derrick moving up to the co-driver seat. “It just seems natural those two would be a team in rally” says Michelle.

Noble Star Rally would like to thank all the fans that create continuous support and reason to keep racing and all the sponsors that help the cause: SubaRoots Rally Racing, 31 Motorsports, Ainove Inc., Ken’s Body Shop,, 6Star Motorsports, TIM (Team Illuminata Motorsports), TRF (Thompson Racing Fabrication),, Impression Center, and WebCraft Labs.

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