Noble Star Rally is comprised of one big diverse family. Lead by Driver/Owner Amanda RALYGRL Skelly (#853) and Drivers Matthew Peterson (#253) and Ian Kessler (#453), Noble Star Rally is doing their best to follow in Markers footsteps. During the 2011 Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally in PA, Skelly met teammate Peterson during a rallycross put on by CNY SCCA during the weekend of the event. The two share a passion for the sport of rally and began building the idea of NSR that summer. Peterson has been alongside Skelly since the beginning and helped Amanda see her vision when he rendered drawings of her ideas for the car, and then brought those drawings to life on the car. Kessler began co-driving in 2013 with Ryan WIlcox at the Sno* Drift Rally - home to NSR and has since joined Peterson and the NSR team in 2014. Both Peterson and Kessler debuted their own cars in 2013.  Crew member Justin Robinson (#753) joined the team after he sold Kessler the '89 Cavalier he used to drive and has begun his new rally car build which he plans to debut this fall (2020). The boys now race alongside Skelly to comprise NSR of an official 4 car fleet.  


Driver & Co-Driver

1997 Subaru Impreza

Open Light


1994 Honda Civic


​Driver & Co-Driver


Current Build underway and due to launch fall of 2018

Driver & Crew Member

2004 Subaru Impreza TS

Open Light

Scheduled to debut 2018

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